Our Location

188 28 St SE, Calgary, AB T2A 6J9
Ph: (403) 273-2420

Our Hours

Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM
Sat 12PM-10PM
Sun 11AM-9PM


Shish Kebaab

Choma Chicken

Gulab Jamun

Combo 2

Combo 2


1 meat curry, rice & 2 rotis

Combo 3

Combo 3


2 veggie curries, rice & 3 rotis

Combo 4

Combo 4


1 meat curry, 1 veggie curry, rice & 3 rotis

Fantastic flavour and aroma. Had the family combo and the amount of food was perfect and the selection of food was great. Butter chicken second to none, the curry was full of flavour.
Jason Hackett

The Roti is excellent, the food is really good though has been hit and miss but for the most part great service

Grindolf 😀

This place is cafeteria style, you order and pay and then sit at the spartan tables. The food is tasty and I have no real complaints but not where I would go for lunch with a client or colleague.

M Chi

Best curry in Calgary that I have found hands down as well as some of the best samosas I have ever had. Recommend to anyone and everyone.

Kyle Cove Developer@yahoo.com