• Favorites

    • Chutney




      Mango Pickle

      Green Chili

      Tamarind Sauce



    • Shish Kebab

      Shish Kebab


      2 skewers of barbecued spiced ground beef.

    • Mishkaki



      2 skewers of cubed beef grilled med-well to well Done

    • Choma Chicken

      Choma Chicken


      grilled juicy chicken breast tenders cut into bite size pieces sauteed in tangy spices

    • Spicy Beef Ribs

      Spicy Beef Ribs


      spicy barbecued beef short ribs (mild, med, hot or *shenzi* hot

    • Chicken WIngs

      Chicken WIngs


      crispy mild or piri piri med, hot, or *shenzi* hot

    • 4 Samosas

      4 Samosas


      beef, chicken or vegetable